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About The English Language Centre Oxford | Online Distance Learning Fee-Based English Courses with One-to-One Tuition

The English Language Centre Oxford was founded in 1999 to help able students of English benefit from customised distance learning that features online one-to-one tuition.

We believe you will learn best when you use English to discover knowledge and skills that give you a competitive advantage in your professional, academic, or social milieux.

Our distance learning courses are customised to stimulate your thirst for ideas, in a challenging, entertaining, and enlightening way that keeps you motivated, curious, and inspired.

Effective online one-to-one tuition brings English to life and shows you how to use it to inquire, question, reason, learn, and communicate, .

Our dual methodologies combine the use of English and the acquisition of knowledge to bring you a learning experience comparable to tuition at the University of Oxford.

When you speak or write in English, your words should be intelligible and meaningful, and communicate in a manner that fosters understanding, empathy, trust, and co-operation.

An English for Specific Purposes course will strengthen your language skills as you acquire practical new knowledge.

Courses are available in Academic-English, General-English, Business-English, Legal-English, Medical-English, Financial-English, and English with Philosophy.

An English Examination course will include up to four authentic tests to measure your progress and boost your confidence to sit and pass your exam.

We offer courses for the Cambridge English CPE, CAE, and FCE exams, the IELTS exams, and the Business-English Higher, Vantage, and Preliminary exams. Other important examination courses include those for the TOLES Legal-English exams, the Pearson Test of English, and TOEFL.

We have students in the U.S.A. and Canada, South America, the U.K., the EU, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, India, and the rest of the world.

Dual methodologies and online one-to-one tuition that adapts to your needs to provide you with a learning experience similar to study at the University of Oxford