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The Cambridge ILEC certifies ability to use Legal English at C1 Level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is recognised worldwide by commerce, industry, the professions, education, and government.

ILEC Individual or Group Courses Online or at Oxford

All courses utilise dual teaching methodologies that combine learning English and preparing for your exam, with the acquisition of other knowledge related to your professional, or personal interests. This approach provides you with a learning experience similar to undergraduate study at the University of Oxford.

Online ILEC Courses

Classic Course

The ILEC Classic Course consists in twenty weekly or fortnightly study assignments tailored to your aptitude and capacity to use English and broaden your understanding of other subjects important to your work or social life. The methodology can be ad hoc and flexible, or structured with the recommended course materials.

Each assignment concludes with a one-hour online tutorial during which your tutor will assess your written work for use of language, grammar, style, and content, and suggest ways to extend your knowledge of the subject matter. During the course, four assignments are devoted to mock exams to provide you with practice at dealing with the four ILEC papers and a measure of your progress.

Intensive Course

The ILEC Intensive Course consists in ten customised study assignments and two-hour online meetings with your tutor. The methodology compresses a Classic Course to provide rapid preparation for your exam.

Premium Course

The ILEC Premium Course allows you to extend your English studies over a period of up to one year. It includes the content of a Classic Course together with rigorous colour-coded analyses and critiques of your written work.

These provide detailed corrections, explications, comments, and teaching on content, use of language, style, and grammar.

ILEC Courses at Oxford

Information concerning intensive courses in college at Oxford is available on a separate page at Intensive Courses at Oxford

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