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Cambridge ILEC (International Legal-English Certificate)

The Cambridge ILEC qualification certifies ability to use Legal-English and is recognised worldwide in commerce, industry, education, government, and the professions.

Cambridge ILEC Online Examination Courses

You may apply for a Classic, Premium, or Intensive online ILEC examination course. The dual teaching methodologies combine exam preparation and other learning related to your professional or personal interests.

Classic Online ILEC Course

The Classic Course is the most popular and affordable, and provides weekly study assignments that will be tailored to your professional or personal learning needs. Every assignment will conclude with a scheduled one-hour Skype meeting with your private tutor, who will assess your written work for use of language, grammar, style, and accuracy. Your tutor will also discuss the content of your work and encourage you to broaden your knowledge through further enquiry.

A Classic ILEC Course will be customised to your aptitude and capacity to learn Legal-English, and the teaching methodology can be ad hoc and flexible, or structured with the aid of the recommended course materials. The learning objectives combine exam preparation and knowledge acquisition related to your professional or personal interests.

The ad hoc approach includes writing tasks supported by prescribed online reading and A/V material from Oxford, Cambridge, the BBC, and other reputable sources in the U.K. and abroad. The structured approach is geared to the prescribed Cambridge ILEC coursebook, and the methodology includes writing tasks based on online reading and A/V materials, and other learning-platforms.

Classic courses include two Cambridge mock ILEC exams to measure your progress and allow you to practise your test skills.

Premium Online ILEC Course

The Premium Course provides each element of a Classic Course together with rigorous colour-coded analyses and critiques of your written work. These provide detailed corrections, explications, comments, and teaching on content, use of language, style, and grammar. The duration of a Premium Course is flexible up to one year, and tutorial schedules may be changed by agreement.

Intensive Online ILEC Course

The Intensive Course includes three-hour Skype meetings with your tutor, once or twice per day. The methodology provides the elements of a Classic Course, but the duration is usually limited to one or two weeks of continuous teaching.

An Intensive Course online or at Oxford offers you the fastest and most effective means to reach your learning goals.

Cambridge ILEC Courses at Oxford

Information concerning intensive courses in college at Oxford is available on a separate page at Intensive Courses at Oxford

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