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Online Distance Learning Fee-Based English Courses with Guided-Study Assignments and One-to-One tuition | Learning Outcomes

Our fee-based English courses include online one-to one tuition and guided-study assignments that provide a learning experience similar to tuition at the University of Oxford.

Whether you plan to sit an English exam or study English for a specific purpose, a private online course is the way to achieve your learning objectives efficiently and economically.

It is easy to see why our methodologies will strengthen your communication and networking skills, and help you gain a competitive advantage.

Courses include guided-study assignments designed to develop your use of English and provide you with practical knowledge that you can put to good use at work or elsewhere.

A guided-study assignment includes prescribed online reading and podcast lectures, a central customised writing task, a one-hour online one-to-one tuition session, and continuous use of a personal interactive digital learning platform.

During the one-hour tutorial via Skype, you will have the opportunity to present your work to your tutor, discuss your use of English, exchange ideas on the subject matter, and raise pertinent questions. When appropriate, a tutorial can include a mock test to measure your progress and give you confidence to pass your exam.

An online course will save you time and money by enabling you to accomplish more than you could were you to attend a class at a traditional language school.

Conventional schools either charge fees that reflect the high cost of private tuition or fees that reflect the lower cost of group tuition that will not be geared to your individual needs.

Online learning eliminates the costs associated with travel, accommodation, sustenance, and general living expenses, and frees your time for a more ordered life.

Proficiency in English will allow you to write, debate, and deliver effective presentations on matters associated with your professional, academic, or social interests.

An English for Specific Purposes course with online one-to-one tuition will strengthen your language skills and allow you to acquire important new knowledge.

An English Examination course with online one-to-one tuition, includes four authentic mock tests to measure your progress and boost your confidence to sit and pass your exam.

We have students in the U.S.A. and Canada, South America, the U.K., the EU, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, India, and the rest of the world.

Dual methodologies and online one-to-one tuition that adapts to your needs to provide you with a learning experience similar to study at the University of Oxford