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Online Distance Learning Fee-Based English Courses with Guided-Study Assignments and One-to-One tuition | Why Choose Elcox?

Online one-to-one tuition helps you to strengthen your reasoning skills, gain knowledge, and enjoy a course similar to undergraduate study at the University of Oxford.

Online private tuition offers the opportunity to raise questions and exchange ideas with your tutor, and alumni state that this is the most valuable and productive feature of a course. The reasons given include motivation, inspiration, sense of progress, and learning on matters important to their professional, academic, and social activities.

Your fee-based course will be customised with guided-study assignments that address your individual learning objectives, command your interest, and give you a competitive advantage as you refine your communication and networking skills to acquire new knowledge that you can put to good use.

An online distance learning course includes sixteen customised guided-study assignments, sixteen 1-hour sessions of online one-to-one tuition via Skype, continuous access to relevant interactive digital learning platforms, and four authentic mock tests for examination candidates.

All courses are divided into four modules of equal length for flexibility that allows us to meet your individual learning requirements and offer you a variety of payment options.

The study assignments will exercise your four language skills, and they include free online reading and AV materials supported by comprehensive guidelines prepared by your private tutor.

Each study assignment will conclude with a one-hour session of online one-to-one tuition via Skype. During each tutorial, your tutor will assess your written work for content and use of English, and show you how to deal with any issues that concern your understanding of grammar, syntax, style, or vocabulary.

An English for Specific Purposes course with online one-to-one tuition will strengthen your language skills and allow you to acquire important new knowledge.

An English Examination course with online one-to-one tuition, includes four authentic mock tests to measure your progress and boost your confidence to sit and pass your exam.

We have students in the U.S.A. and Canada, South America, the U.K., the EU, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, India, and the rest of the world.

Dual methodologies and online one-to-one tuition that adapts to your needs to provide you with a learning experience similar to study at the University of Oxford