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Cambridge English Courses, Alternative English Courses, and Professional English Courses

Cambridge exam courses include CPE Proficiency, CAE Advanced, FCE First, PET Preliminary, BEHC, BEVC, BEPC, and the multi-level IELTS.

Professional courses include English for law, medicine, engineering, business, finance, HRM, and the oil and gas industries. Other courses are available on request.

Courses that relate to other examining bodies are TOLES Test of Legal English Skills, TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language, and the Pearson Test of Academic-English.

Academic courses for advanced learners include Philosophy and English Literature. For courses in history, politics, economics, sociology, or other fields, please contact us.

Online Private Lessons and Customised Coursework Assignments Similar to Study at the University of Oxford

An online private distance learning course will provide you with an intensive adult educational experience similar to study at the University of Oxford.

Customised course content will be dedicated to your needs as an able student wishing to learn at home or at work under a personal Oxford-educated English tutor.

Your course will feature guided-writing assignments supported with prescribed online reading and AV materials, an interactive digital learning platform, and private online tuition.

Procedure for Applying for a Private Course and Accepting a Place Offer

You can access any of the course application forms by clicking one of the green buttons displayed on this page.

Select a course and submit the form to be redirected to a Placement Test which will allow us to estimate your present level of English and offer you feedback and our best advice.

When you submit the test, you will receive an overview of the course methodologies and tuition fees, together with an invitation to talk to a tutor about your English studies.

The Advantages of Online Guided Study with Private Tuition

Fitting English studies into your busy schedule will be easy with your flexible online distance learning course. Our private tuition offers the best methodology for study at home.

Students and alumni agree that online private tuition and guided-study assignments are the most powerful exclusive features of our distance learning English courses.

Our courses sharpen your use of English, engage you in critical reasoning, strengthen your communication skills, and afford you new knowledge to ensure a competitive edge.


Christian | Austria | Legal-English Alumnus

Christian - Austria
Cambridge ILEC Legal-English alumnus

Mila | Business-English | Canada

Mila - Canada
Business-English alumna

Lamtarida | Philosophy with English Alumnus | Spain

Lamtarida - Spain
English with Philosophy alumnus

Nuria | Spain | Medical-English Alumna

Nuria - Spain
Medical-English alumna

Cristobal | Cambridge ILEC Alumnus | Portugal

Cristobal - Spain
Cambridge ILEC Legal-English alumnus

Tamuna | Georgia | Cambridge CPE Alumna

Tamuna - Georgia
Cambridge CPE alumna