Elcox Online Distance Learning English Courses with Private One-to-One Teaching

The English Language Centre Oxford

Online Distance Learning with One-to-One Teaching

Modelled on Study at the University of Oxford

Online Distance Learning English with One-to-One Teaching
Courses for Exam Candidates and Professionals
Free Guided Home Study, Reading Materials, and AV Lectures

These online distance learning English courses provide guided home study and one-to-one teaching modelled on tuition at the University of Oxford.

Thanks to guided home study supported by online one-to-one teaching, you will quickly gain a thorough understanding of how to communicate in English.

One-to-one tuition will equip you with first-class exam skills while your guided home study will focus on your interests and give you a professional edge.

Each online course includes one-to-one teaching, guided home study, free prescribed reading materials and video lectures, and a free online level test.

The exam-preparation courses cover eight of the Cambridge-English syllabi and five other international tests of Academic-English and Legal-English:

Cambridge CPE | CAE | FCE | PET | IELTS | Business-English BEHC | BEVC | BEPC and TOEFL Academic | PEARSON Academic | TOLES Legal.

Professional courses include Academic-English | General-English | English for Business | Engineering | Finance | Law | Medicine | Philosophy.

Course content will develop your critical reasoning, creative thinking, teamwork, and communication; talents which top employers seek and value highly.

Distance learning with guided home study and online one-to-one teaching obviates the need to attend a group English class and risk a poor outcome.