Cambridge B1 Business-English Online Distance Learning Course

The Preliminary Business-English distance learning course with guided home study and one-to-one private tuition is modelled on teaching at the University of Oxford.

Course content covers the Cambridge B1 Business-English Preliminary syllabus for exam preparation, knowledge acquisition, and a professional advantage.

Course modules are flexible to support the needs of both professionals and exam candidates, all of whom have different objectives and sets of English skills.

Dual learning will ensure that you are ready for examination and that you acquire practical knowledge relevant to your professional or academic interests.

Alumni regard private tuition as the key element of our courses because it motivates and leads to a clear grasp of how Business-English should be used.

Guided home study entails prescribed reading, listening to AV lectures, and reaching a balanced view on which you can write and discuss with your tutor.

Customised methodology will strengthen your use of Business-English as you engage in the interactive disciplines of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Talk to a tutor to explain your learning needs and receive best advice on how to pass the BEPC exam and refine your use of Business-English

Some course content is set above Level B1 of the CEFRL[1], to prepare you to sit the BEPC examination with confidence and gain a Distinction at B1 Level:

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL)

This private course fully supports home study and saves the time, money, and discomfort of attending a less-effective conventional group language class.

Here are some of the employers who recognise the Cambridge B1 Preliminary Business-English Certificate and have career vacancies around the world:

[1] Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Maintained by the Council of Europe, in partnership with the EU.

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