The online Business English private courses deliver guided home study, free reading materials, free AV lectures, and are modelled on teaching at Oxford University.

When you contact a tutor, you will be invited to complete a free online Business English placement test and receive free best advice on your study plan and options.

Students agree that online private tuition is essential to distance learning as it motivates, inspires, and leads to a proper understanding of how English should be used.

The course includes an interactive Business English digital learning platform (DLP) to provide grammar practice and allow you to chart your progress during your studies.

Your private tutor will customise each study assignment and show you how to use Business English to communicate and gain a competitive advantage in your workplace.

The course is modular to enable you to set the duration and cost of your studies according to your learning objectives and present level of Business-English.

Study assignments require critical reading and listening, written reasoned argument, and presentation of your work during a one-hour interactive online private tutorial.

During private tutorials, your tutor will assess your writing for content, use of Business English, and subject knowledge, then exchange of ideas about the current topic.

Elcox methodology addresses the need of the individual student to understand how Business English is used for clear, precise, and effective two-way communication.

Our cost-effective online Business English course will save you the time, money, and inconvenience of attending a local and less efficacious group language class.

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