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Christian - Austria - Cambridge Legal-English - Review

Christian - Austria - Cambridge Legal English - Review

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Christian - Austria - Cambridge Legal-English Alumnus - Review

I really enjoyed the Cambridge Legal English distance learning online course which lasted about six months. I had the chance to write, read, and speak English intensively!

The online distance learning one-to-one tutorials each lasted about one hour every week and were performed via Skype. I had two tutors listening and giving me feedback.

The whole setup of the course is really simple. The only thing you need is the coursebook, a computer, and free time.

Alex and Mia are two great tutors; they are very flexible, and they always gave me helpful feedback. During and after the course, I felt stronger in speaking and writing English.

When the course was finished, I missed my weekly private tutorials, as they had become a favourite habit.

Summarizing, I firmly recommend this interesting distance learning experience because it is effective and you can learn wherever you are.

There is no need to visit a classroom; I did nearly the entire course on Sunday mornings in my pyjamas at home.

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