Cambridge English CPE C2
Online Private Distance Learning

The Cambridge CPE Proficiency C2 private course with guided home study and one-to-one online teaching is modelled on tuition at the University of Oxford.

Alumni agree that private teaching is the strongest feature of online distance learning because it leads to a deeper grasp of how English should be used.

Guided home study entails prescribed reading or listening to AV lectures before forming balanced views that you can write about and discuss with your tutor.

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We set parts of the course content above Level C2 of the CEFRL, to prepare you to sit the CPE examination with confidence and gain a Grade A pass:

CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Course content conforms to the CPE syllabus, and your guided home study will provide exam preparation and knowledge-acquisition for a competitive edge.

This dual learning will ensure that you are ready for examination and that you acquire practical knowledge relevant to your professional or academic interests.

Elcox distance learning will enhance your ability to communicate in English by engaging you in the disciplines of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Level C2 certification will confirm your ability to effortlessly grasp both spoken and written English texts and accurately reproduce or paraphrase them as coherent passages or utterances, even when they have been reduced to concise summaries suitable for presentation in precis or technical report formats.

CPE course modules are flexible to support the needs of both examination candidates and others who have variety of English skills and learning needs.

The CPE private course fully enables guided home study and saves the time, cost, and inconvenience of attending a less-effective local group English class.

Here are a few of the employers that recognise the Cambridge English Proficiency C2 Certificate and have career vacancies around the world:

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