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I am writing to tell you about my last trip to Algarve in the South of Portugal. I went there with a few friends I have known since we were children. We all are very busy now and don't have the time to gather very often, so we decided to organize a chill out trip with plenty of time to talk, practise sports, go to the beach, etc.

Our hotel was very good. The receptionists and cleaners were kind and friendly. Our room had a small kitchen connected with the salon and a terrace oriented toward the swimming pool and the tennis court. We cooked most of our meals there, except on Saturday night when we went out to dine at a restaurant and enjoy the famous cataplana, called this because of the special pan used to cook it. Overall, it tastes delicious, with vinho verde.

Terrace in the Algarve.

One of my friends is a member of the army and obliged us to wake up early in the morning each day no matter what time we went to bed. After a quick breakfast we used to go to the swimming pool or the beach to get tanned. I love the beaches around the towns of San Rafael, Santa Eulalia, Praia dos Aveiros, or Praia dos Pescadores. They are wonderful! During the evening, there is a man who goes all over the beach selling candies called bolinhas. I miss them back here in Spain.

Beach in the Algarve

Before having dinner, we took advantage of the sunset to play tennis. I had never played it before, but I have to recognise I liked it very much.

Meal in the Algarve. Evening on the beach in the Algarve

Finally, the nightlife in Albufeira is very bustling. Pubs and discos are open all the week. We had a lot of fun with other English, German and Dutch tourists.

Disco in Albufeira





The pictures belong to a recent trip at Easter to Tuscany in Italy. I went there with my girlfriend, and we enjoyed the warm weather and the stunning sights, monuments, and tastes of this unspoiled area.

View across Tuscany

We landed at Pisa and rented a car. It allowed us to move freely across the region without having to rely on buses or trains. Our main purpose was to visit the famous cities of Pisa, Florence, and Siena, but we went on to visit a few beautiful, old villages such as San Gimignano, Lucca, Monteriggioni and Volterra.

I think the photographs reflect the Tuscan lifestyle. I very much like the one depicting the old white car, a classic Alfa Romeo which transported me to the time of the 'Dolce Vita'. There is another one with a Tuscan landscape where one can admire the green canopy which covers the countryside amongst the little hills.

The Alfa Romeo.

Although I am very proud of Spanish food, the Italian is always welcome. I enjoyed a delicious pizza at a little trattoria in Lucca. A memorable experience, since Tuscan ham has a special flavour which mixes very well with cheese and tomato.

Tuscan pizza in Lucca

And finally, I'm seen sitting near the great composer Giacomo Puccini, well-known around the world for his operas, for example, Turandot.

Statue of Puccini, in Lucca

I love travelling and try to do it as much as I can. The important thing is not the destination but the travel itself, isn't it?

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