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Cambridge Vantage Business-English Private Online Courses - Clare College Cambridge and King's College Chapel, seen from the Cam. Clare College Cambridge and King's College Chapel, seen from the Cam.

Cambridge Vantage Business-English

Distance Learning Guided-Study Assignments

One-to-One Tuition and Free Study Materials

Cambridge Vantage B2[1] Business-English (BEVC) Distance Learning Online Course with One-to-One Tuition

Apply for this distance learning course, complete the free online Cambridge Vantage B2 placement test, and request a talk with a tutor, for feedback, grading, and best advice.

Course content will conform to the Vantage exam syllabus, and guided-study assignments will provide exam preparation and knowledge acquisition for a favourable advantage.

Distance learning course methodology includes prescribed online reading, AV lectures, a Cambridge Vantage digital learning platform with mock tests, and online one-to-one tuition.

Alumni state that one-to-one tuition is the most effective element of our courses, because it motivates, inspires, and leads to proper understanding of how to use Business-English.

During a tutorial, your tutor will assess your written work for content and use of Business-English, teach on grammar and style, and talk about the issues raised in the assignment.

Your tutor will construct your distance learning course to strengthen your use of Business-English, add to your practical knowledge, for a competitive edge at work or elsewhere.

An Elcox distance learning assignment includes critical reading and listening, reasoned argument in essay form, and a one-hour online interactive one-to-one tutorial.

Our flexible customised Vantage Business-English course will save you the time, money, and inconvenience of attending a less-effective conventional group language class.

[1] Common European Framework of Reference for Languages maintained by the Council of Europe in partnership with the EU.

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