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Academic and General-English courses are for professionals in Commerce, Industry, Engineering, Finance, HRM, Law, Marketing, Medicine, and Oil & Gas.

There are also English with Philosophy courses on Epistemology, Metaphysics, Ethics, Aesthetics, Logic, Politics, Sociology, and many more subjects.

Philosophy is invaluable for general problem-solving, conceptualisation, planning, realisation, teamwork, decision-making, and refining communication and networking skills for a competitive advantage. Executives and workers need these skills in planning, production, marketing, advertising, and project management.

This short video explains the reasons for this:

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An English Professional Course with online Private tuition will strengthen your language skills and enable you to acquire important new knowledge.

An English Examination Course with online Private tuition includes mock exams to measure your progress and boost your test skills for a comfortable pass.

Dual Methodologies and Online Private Tuition Adapted to Your Need for a Superior Learning Experience Similar to Study at the University of Oxford

Private Online TOLES Legal-English Courses.