Cambridge English IELTS Online Distance Learning Private Course with Customised Home Study and One to One Tuition

This online distance learning Cambridge IELTS Academic English course affords customised home study and one to one tuition similar to teaching at the University of Oxford.

Customised home study requires critical reading and listening, written argument in essay form, and online attendance at one to one interactive meetings with your tutor.

Students regard private tuition and customised home-study vital features of our courses because they promote and develop a lasting understanding of how to use English.

Dual distance learning methodology will enable you to pass your IELTS exam with a high band score while gaining practical knowledge relevant to your professional activities.

Private tuition with customised home study is an outstanding way to refine your English for clear communication and a competitive advantage at work and elsewhere.

Apply now to get a free online IELTS placement test and talk to a tutor for best advice on how to avoid wasting time and money on a less-effective group language class.

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