Jan - Cambridge CPE Alumnus - Czech Republic

Jan | Cambridge CPE Alumnus | Czech Republic

When I was looking for a CPE course that would accommodate my long working hours, I stumbled upon the English Language Centre Oxford. Their flexible concept, learning methodology, abundant resources, and most of all, the friendly approach from two lovely tutors who won me over.

At the beginning, the sheer amount of information for each task startled me; however, soon I could not have too much of the learning experience that involved listening and researching various topics for essays and précis, which broadened my horizons.

In addition, weekly private tutorials via Skype were the treats. Their insightful knowledge, concise style, and my humble presence, fuelled delightful conversations. I have reverence for them.

I cannot express my gratitude for your mentoring, encouragement, and help, during the course. I wish you all the best in future and many more satisfied students.

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