Learning English at Home with an Online Private Course

Our online distance learning courses with private tuition are modelled on the one-on-one teaching provided in the Humanities Division of the University of Oxford.

Students and alumni say that private tuition is the most powerful feature of our courses and provides opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas with a tutor.

One-on-one tuition will strengthen your communication skills, broaden your knowledge, and provide you with a distinct competitive advantage at work and elsewhere.

Each course includes guided home study, free prescribed online reading materials and AV lectures, and online one-on-one Skype sessions with your private tutor.

Using English for clear and precise communication is challenging but your dedication, effort, and time will be rewarded under the guidance of your private tutor.

Courses are either geared to examination syllabi or are self-paced and personalised to provide the content, depth, and flexibility that busy professionals demand.

Exam courses cover the Cambridge CPE, CAE, FCE, PET, IELTS, and Business-English syllabi, the TOEFL and Pearson Academic tests, and TOLES Legal-English.

Online courses for professionals include English for Business, Engineering, Finance, HRM, Law, Marketing, Medicine, Philosophy, and the Petroleum Industries.

A professional or exam course will extend your grasp of English and enable you to acquire knowledge that relates to your professional, academic, or social interests.

Private Online TOLES Legal-English Courses.

Test of Legal-English Skills