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Private Online Legal-English Course - Commemorative Plaque at All Souls College Oxford

Commemorative Plaque at All Souls College Oxford

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Apply Now for a Legal-English Course and Private Tuition

Legal-English Online Distance Learning Course with Private Tuition and Customised Guided-study Assignments.

Apply for this course and you will have an opportunity to complete our free online Legal-English placement test and receive feedback, grading, and comments.

Wherever you are, an online Legal-English course with private tuition will be more cost-effective than attending a conventional group language class.

Dual methodologies combine private tuition and customised guided-study assignments in a learning experience similar to study at the University of Oxford.

This B1 to C2 Level[1] course will strengthen your understanding and use of Legal-English in professional, academic, and other formal milieux.

The course is split into four two-month customised modules to meet your study needs and provide you with up to sixteen hours of online private tuition.

A module comprises four guided-study assignments, covering rigorous use of Legal-English in subject areas such as Contract Law, Tort, and Company Law.

Your tutor will customise each guided-study assignment to include free online reading materials, AV lectures, and one hour of online private tuition via Skype.

Each two-month module will require a minimum of sixty hours of study and writing, and attendance at four one-hour Skype sessions of private tuition.

The four-module course amounts to two hundred and forty hours of guided study and sixteen hours of private tuition. Further modules are available on demand.

[1] Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Dual Methodologies and Online private Tuition Adapted to Your Need for a Superior Learning Experience Similar to Study at the University of Oxford

Private Online TOLES Legal-English Courses.