Cambridge English CPE Alumnus Review | Mathieu | France

Mathieu | Cambridge CPE Alumnus | France

Mathieu started his first course with very little English and presented us with the difficult challenge of persuading him to trust in our customised one-to-one tuition.

Verbal interaction via Skype was tedious for both student and tutor, but we overcame this by providing Mathieu with study assignments that captured his full attention.

After Mathieu settled down with a study plan, he distinctly improved from tutorial to tutorial, because the subjects he studied were important and practically useful.

Here is how Mathieu puts it:

I started with Elcox in May 2010 and I'm very happy with the personalised methodology. My English has improved significantly in each area and I've developed a strong interest in the Internet research that accompanies every study assignment, whether it's an essay or précis.

I intend to continue with this formation because it will enable me to gain a good pass in the Cambridge CPE examination.

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