Online Distance Learning Course Methodology
Guided Home Study of English with One-to-One Tuition

For twenty years, our online distance learning methodology has provided customised private courses that combine use of English with the acquisition of knowledge.

This has led alumni to believe that the associated guided home study and private tuition is the most powerful means of developing a real understanding of English.

Our dual methodology succeeds because it is modelled on the essay-writing and one-to-one tuition enjoyed by students at the University of Oxford.

You will benefit from customised course content with online interactive private one-to-one teaching that relates to your professional, academic, or social activities.

Guided home study will ensure that you gain a clear understanding of how English should be used to communicate and exchange ideas at work or elsewhere.

Alumni say that tailored home study with private tuition leads to top exam results and enables them to form balanced views on the important issues in the world today.

They affirm that guided study with one-to-one tuition strengthens their roles as team members in the workplace and affords them the benefit of a competitive edge.

Exam courses include Cambridge CPE, CAE, FCE, PET, IELTS and Business-English syllabi, TOEFL and Pearson Academic-English tests, and TOLES Legal-English.

Professional courses demonstrate and explain how English is employed in formal communication, practical research, knowledge acquisition, and rhetorical usage.

We also offer career professionals and other advanced learners who wish to enhance their roles as influential experts, several courses in English with Philosophy.

A private distance learning course will save you the time, money, and trouble of attending a less-effective local language school where group teaching is the norm.

Private Online TOLES Legal English Courses.

Test of Legal English Skills