Mila - Business-English Alumna - Canada

Business-English Alumna Review | Mila | Canada

My recent journey with Elcox was an amazing one and exceeded all the expectations I had for the course!

It engaged me in reading, thinking, and writing on philosophical topics stemming from works of philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Descartes. It took me also through modern-day socially sensitive subjects such as broken societies and defective genes.

I had the opportunity to work on areas I wanted to explore, so I took my tutor with me on the exciting Yukon Quest sled dog race through Alaska and Canada!

The result of a full course of sixteen essays followed by associated private live tutorials via Skype is that my English language skills, both writing and speaking, have improved dramatically, and I feel quite comfortable in any situation when expressing my thoughts either written or spoken.

For a professional person living in an English-speaking country, it makes a difference! I only wish I had found out about Elcox sooner!

After completing this full course, I plan to continue, not only to work on my language skills, but to benefit from the variety of subjects I will be able to learn, think, write, and talk about!

I warmly recommend the course to anybody who needs to improve their command of the English language for professional reasons and for everyday situations.

To all students - enjoy the journey!

All the best and good luck with your project!


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