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Nuria - Spain - Medical-English - Review

Nuria - Spain - Medical-English - Review

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Nuria - Spain - Medical-English Alumna - Review

After looking for a private online English Course that would fit my busy life and my English level, I was lucky to find The English Language Centre Oxford.

It offers private distance learning English courses where you combine online training at any time and guided-study assignments. You are provided with personalised and adapted English lessons depending on your needs and expectations, which match the teaching methodology at the University of Oxford.

I have enjoyed my classes very much and I have found them really helpful. The tutors had the patience and ability to adapt to my unusual timetable.

I will definitively recommend it to all of my friends and to people who are looking for a personalised and flexible English course.

I would like to thank Alexander and Mia for their great job, and I would like to take the opportunity to encourage anyone who is looking for an online English course to enrol for this interesting learning opportunity.