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Nuria - Spain - Medical-English - Review

Nuria | Medical-English | Spain

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Nuria - Spain - Medical-English Alumna - Review

After looking for a long time for a private Online English Course that would fit into my busy life and my English level, I was lucky to find The English Language Centre Oxford.

It is based on private distance learning English courses where you combine online training at any time and guided-study assignments. You are provided with personalized and adapted English lessons depending on your needs and expectations. Not only that but it matches the teaching methodology at the University of Oxford.

I have really enjoyed my classes very much and I have found them really helpful. The most important thing is that they had the patience and capability to adapt to my unusual timetable.

I will definitively recommend it to all of my friends or people who are looking for a personalized and flexible English course. You will enjoy writing, reading, and speaking English with native teachers as frequently and intensively as you want.

I would like to thank Alexander and Mia for their great job, and I would like to take the opportunity to encourage everyone who is looking for some kind of online English course to enrol for this interesting learning experience.

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