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Elcox Distance Learning Online English Courses with One-to-One Tuition - Outcomes

Elcox online distance learning courses with one-to-one tuition provide an intensive educational experience similar to study at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Apply now and take the opportunity to complete a free online English placement test and request a talk with a tutor to receive feedback, grading, and best advice.

Students state that online one-to-one tuition is the most powerful element of our courses, because it motivates, inspires, and leads to a proper understanding of English.

One-to-one tuition will provide you with motivation, inspiration, a sense of progress, and learning on matters important to your professional, academic, or social activities.

During a tutorial, your tutor will evaluate your written work, discuss your use of English, question your knowledge of the subject matter, and invite you to put questions.

When appropriate, a tutorial will include a mock examination to measure your progress in the four language skills, and give you confidence when you have an exam pass.

Whether you plan to sit an English exam or study for a professional purpose, a private online course with one-to-one tuition is the efficient way to achieve your learning objectives.

It is easy to see how Elcox methodologies will strengthen your communication and networking skills, enable you to acquire knowledge, and allow you to gain a competitive edge.

Your guided-study assignments will be customised to strengthen your use of English and provide you with practical knowledge that you can deploy at work or elsewhere.

Each guided-study assignment includes free online reading materials, video lectures, a one-hour private tutorial, and an interactive digital platform for exam or grammar practice.

Conventional schools charge expensive fees for one-to-one tuition and cheaper fees for group tuition geared to the needs of the class instead of the individual.

An Elcox online distance learning course with one-to-one tuition saves the time and money spent when attending a less effective group class at a conventional language school.

A private customised Elcox course is challenging, entertaining, and enlightening, and it will renew your thirst for knowledge by keeping you inspired and motivated.

An exam course includes one-to-one tuition, authentic mock tests to measure your progress and boost your confidence, and an interactive digital practice platform.

The Cambridge exam courses cover the CPE, CAE, FCE, PET, IELTS, and Business-English syllabi. Other courses cover TOLES, TOEFL, and The Pearson Test syllabi.

A professional course with one-to-one tuition will rapidly strengthen your English and enable you to acquire and use new practical knowledge to your advantage.

Professional courses include Academic and General-English, English with Philosophy, English for commerce, industry, the legal and medical professions, and government.

Other vocational courses are available on request, particularly in the fields of Business, Law, Medicine, and Philosophy.

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Elcox Dual Methodologies and Online One-to-One Tuition Adapted for a Superior Learning Experience Similar to Study at the University of Oxford
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