Online English courses for Oil and Gas engineers afford private tuition, guided home study, reading and AV lectures, and are modelled on teaching at Oxford University.

When you ask to talk with a tutor, you will be offered a free placement test and best advice on improving your use of English for work and during your social activities.

Your course will be flexible and customised to meet your learning objectives and provide you with private teaching relative to your professional and other interests.

This methodology will focus on your need to use English and communicate as an oil and gas professional, and it will give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Guided home study requires critical reading and listening, written reasoned argument in essay form, and an online interactive exchange of ideas with your private tutor.

An online digital learning platform (DLP) will provide you with unlimited opportunity to exercise grammar, use of English, and a tangible measure of your progress.

This cost-effective course for oil and gas professionals will save you the time, money, and inconvenience of attending a conventional less-effective group language class.

Private Online TOLES Legal English Courses.

Test of Legal English Skills