Combining the study of English with Philosophy to acquire knowledge related to your professional, academic, or social activities will strengthen your career prospects.

This distance learning methodology is modelled on teaching at the University of Oxford and includes guided home study, private tuition, and free reading and AV lectures.

Alumni agree that private tuition is the most powerful and effective element of an Elcox course, as it motivates, inspires, and leads to a proper understanding of English.

Guided home study of English with Philosophy will quickly strengthen your use of English as you write on your chosen topic and weigh up the difficult issues of today.

This development of your English skills will occur as you read and listen to authoritative views on the subject, before arriving at and shaping your own conclusions.

Such reasoning skills will enable you to think beyond the facts and give you a professional and social edge at work and elsewhere and make the most of opportunities.

Tutorial assignments will entail attention to prescribed reading and AV lectures, and then writing a balanced account of your views for discussion online with your tutor.

Your support materials, including an interactive online digital learning platform, should be more than enough, but were you to encounter a problem, your tutor will assist.

You will choose the topic for each study assignment and then work at your own pace until you are ready to write and argue for or against the issues you have identified.

During this exchange of ideas, your tutor will evaluate your written work for use of English, critical analysis, philosophical content, argumentation, and writing style.

Philosophy is relevant to the workplace where critical reasoning and analysis can provide balance for troubleshooting, project management, policy making, and teamwork.

Philosophy scrutinises our beliefs and opinions about the world, the health of society, limits to knowledge, moral values, use of free will, and our obligations to posterity.

Other questions ask about the possibility of democratic government, whether man is ultimately selfish, how the mind and body interact, and the nature of personal identity.

This short video is a good example of how philosophy can suggest how business strategies ought to change for the good of the world:


Philosophical input is valued in the fields of manufacturing, marketing, advertising, media production, journalism, IT, the professions, education, sport, and public services.

Our courses in philosophy are voyages of discovery that will open your mind to new ways of looking at the world and we offer seven subjects, which may be combined:

Plato's Republic; Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics; the History of Philosophy from Descartes to Kant; Philosophy of Religion; Epistemology and Metaphysics (Knowledge and Reality); the Theory of Politics; Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.

Other courses can be customised and taught, at your request.

Apply now and take the opportunity of a free online English with Philosophy placement test and talk to a tutor to receive feedback, grading, and best advice.

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