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Austria | Christian | Legal-English

I really enjoyed the Cambridge Legal-English course which lasted about six months. I had the possibility to write, read and speak English weekly and intensively! The private tutorials lasted about one hour every week and were performed via Skype. I had two tutors listening and giving me feedback.

The whole setup of the course is really simple. The only thing you need is the coursebook, a computer, and free time. They are two great tutors; they are very flexible, and they always gave me helpful feedback. During and after the course I felt my improvement in talking and writing English. After the course was finished I began to miss my weekly private tutorials, as they had become a favourite habit.

Summarized, I firmly recommend this interesting learning experience because it is effective and you can perform the whole learning process from where ever you are. There is no need to visit a classroom; I did nearly the whole course on Sunday mornings in my pyjamas at home.

Austria - Maria - Cambridge CPE

All your hard work in getting me ready paid off! I passed my CPE exam with an A grade, and I am (obviously!) over the moon!

Thank you so much for all your help and support, especially when it came to essay writing! I passed the speaking and the essay paper exceptionally, and whereas I wasn't too surprised about the result for the speaking paper, I didn't expect it for my essay paper.

I always did find it hard to write precisely what I wanted to say, without waffling. So, you can take all credit for that one! Although it seems like it was Christmas about six months ago, I hope you had a nice one!

I am busy trying to decide what to do next, there are quite a few doors open for me at present. Anyway, reading the results this morning has made my weekend, I hope you will be having a great one, too!

Bulgaria - Zdravka - Cambridge CPE

I read much more in English and that is why I have two books about world religions and philosophy of religion in English in my luggage. I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for being such a good tutor, for all your patience, support and yes, strictness!

I have learned a lot from you and I am going to continue when I come back.

Canada | Mila | Business-English

My recent journey with Elcox was an amazing one and exceeded all the expectations I had for the course!

It engaged me in reading, thinking, and writing on philosophical topics stemming from works of philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Descartes. It took me also through modern-day socially-sensitive subjects such as broken societies and defective genes.

I also had the opportunity to work on areas I wanted to explore, so I took my tutor with me on the exciting Yukon Quest – a sled dog race through Alaska and Canada!

The result of a full course of sixteen essays followed by associated live tutorials via Skype is that my English language skills, both writing and speaking, have improved dramatically, and I feel quite comfortable in any situation when expressing my thoughts either written or spoken.

For a professional person living in an English-speaking country, it makes a difference! I only wish I had found out about Elcox sooner!

After completing this full course, I am planning to continue, not only to work on my language skills, but to benefit from the variety of subjects I will be able to learn, think, write, and talk about!

I warmly recommend the course to anybody who either needs to improve their command of the English language for professional reasons or for everyday situations.

To all students - enjoy the journey!

All the best and good luck with your project!


Czech Republic | Jan | Cambridge CPE

When I was looking for a CPE course which would accommodate my long working hours, I stumbled upon the English Language Centre Oxford. Their flexible concept, learning methodology, abundant resources, and most of all, friendly approach from two lovely tutors, who won me over.

At the beginning, the sheer amount of information for each task startled me; however, soon I could not have too much of the learning experience that involved listening and researching various topics for essays and précis, which broadened my horizons.

In addition, weekly private tutorials via Skype were the treats. Their insightful knowledge and my humble presence, fuelled delightful conversations; more or less I was a listening participant. I have reverence for them.

I cannot express my gratitude for your mentoring, encouragement, and help, during the course. I wish you all the best in future and many more satisfied students.

EU | Deni | English Grammar

I want to thank The English Language Centre Oxford for accepting me as a student and this is what I would like to say about my two tutors:

I think that the methodology used at The English Language Centre Oxford English is brilliant.

What emerges from this is that the study experience at The English Language Centre Oxford is unique for a distance learning course, because a personal bond grows between student and tutor, and therefore the private tuition is truly on an individual basis and thereby special.

With thanks,


Fiji - Adriana - Cambridge CPE

Thank you for your clear explanations, they helped me a lot. I have been working on the essay the last two weeks and I can tell you that I have learnt a lot. Especially, it has been very interesting for me to hear the other side of a history that I learnt and experienced from quite a different point of view.

France | Mathieu | Cambridge CPE

I started with Elcox in May 2010 and I'm very happy with the personalised methodology.

My English has improved significantly in every area and I've developed a strong interest in the Internet research that accompanies every private tuition assignment, whether it's an essay or précis. I intend to continue with this formation because I believe it will enable me to gain a good pass in the CPE examination.

Georgia | Tamuna | Cambridge CPE

I think the service you offer is unique, I told my colleagues about it, and they all got interested. It is the chance for us to get something we want without leaving the country (even the house) and without paying too much. I am really lucky to find you.

The Cambridge private course was a tremendous help to me in completing my preparation for CPE certification. Weekly Skype enabled private tutorials assisted me to strengthen each of my four language skills together with exam competence.

The tutors were very helpful; I always knew that I had support, constructive criticism, and valuable feedback from them.

I'm very thankful for everything I learned during the course and I'd advise all EFL students to take this course, as it provides an environment where one can improve one's skills to function effectively in almost any English-speaking context.

Germany - Beata - Cambridge CPE

Whatever the outcome of the examination will be, I know that my English has improved, and I would like to thank you for your help.

I have found the radio programs especially noteworthy. Although I feel that I based the essay more on the articles that I read. I wonder if I will be able to remember all this new vocabulary that I have learnt!

Hong-Kong - Josephine - Cambridge CPE

Many thanks for your kind help! Until now, most of my résumés have been written in Chinese. In the future, when I have to send an English résumé and have questions, I will ask for your help. Very many thanks in advance!

Ireland - Jazek - Cambridge CPE

I am glad to inform you that I passed the Certificate of Proficiency in English (grade B). I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help, advice, and expertise.

Israel - Ehud - Cambridge CPE

It was an excellent experience to work in front of you. Your colourful remarks were not just corrections, but were very instructive private tutorials about language and formulation in general. You provided me with a little key to the English language!

Italy - Marco - Cambridge CPE

I have good news! I passed the CPE exam! The mark is not brilliant [C grade], but I am proficient in English!

So, we have reached the goal we aimed at!

I thank you again for your help.

Italy - Patrizia - Cambridge CAE | Philosophy

More than ever, I'm sure you are a great tutor! I've learned a great deal of very good English, thanks to your private tutorials, and listening to BBC Radio 4; I mean, on my own at home; totally alone! I'm proud of my English!

La Reunion - Houmayraa - Cambridge IELTS

I've got my IELTS results! I've got 7/9! Thanks a lot for your courses, which really helped me!

Latvia - Vladimir - Cambridge CAE

I was very pleased to work with you; I was so happy, that I will get in touch with you after Christmas and New Year, in order to keep on writing essays, or whatever seems to you most appropriate for me.

Mexico - Gibrim - Cambridge CAE

I just received my results for the CAE (I was unable to get them online because I lost my codes): I got an A!

Exceptional Writing, Use of English and Listening. A point below exceptional in Speaking and Reading.

Soon I'll start the CPE private tutorials.

Myanmar - Myatsoe - Cambridge CPE

I never had that kind of correction in my life: very detailed and very systematic. If I receive that type of guidance, I am sure my English will be definitely improved more than ever before.

Now I feel more happy and confident that I chose that course (based upon your advice) and that it is totally correct.

Philippines - Muriel - Cambridge CPE

Honestly, I had a tough time with this essay; however, to borrow the words of Prof. Sheila Rowan, it was really a big challenge. The topic of discussion was very interesting, and I consider this a great learning experience for me.

Philippines - Sim - Cambridge IELTS

Thank you for the quick reply. As I go through the website (the online resources) that you sent me, it is really nice, I have enjoyed it, I got all the answers for my questions, thank you!

Poland - Zdravka - Cambridge CPE

Thank you very much for your corrections, especially for the detailed explanations of use of tenses, which I find incredibly helpful.

I would like you to know how much I rely on your professional advice and respect your experience. In conclusion, I simply do not want another tutor.

Portugal - Joana - Cambridge CPE

I sat the CPE examination last week, and I am hoping to have done well. The overall difficulty was quite similar to that of the sample papers. The Speaking test was easier than I expected, and the Listening paper wasn't hard either.

Once again, I would like to thank you for all your help in my preparation for the CPE exam.

Thank you! I was truly happy with my Grade A CPE result. It is indeed satisfying when our efforts are rewarded.

Romania - Gabriela - Cambridge CAE

I'm very happy to announce that I passed the exam though I didn't have any doubts that I would. The grade(C) was satisfying though thinking back I believe there's always place for improvement, but it depends on my determination to keep on improving and learning.

I've learned so many new things from you and for that I'm very grateful. It was a pleasure meeting you both and wish you warm regards. I'm still in England and now I'm trying to solve some things with my work permit but as soon as it settles down maybe we'll reunite again for CPE.

Thank you for all your help and the feedback you gave me, and for now have a great day.

Best wishes, Gabriela

Serbia and Montenegro - Andrea - Cambridge CPE

I am simply amazed with the corrected script you sent me! Nobody has ever done such a thorough analysis of any of my essays! Thank you for that.

Slovakia | Tonka - Cambridge CPE | Philosophy - Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

I have always dreamt about finding a language course which would provide me not only with a high degree of professionalism and quality, but also flexibility. I enrolled and successfully completed the CPE course and I just LOVED every minute of it! Elcox have truly wonderful tutors who supported me all along the way. During our private tutorials, I always felt that I was given 100% attention.

I am very grateful for all the comments, advice, and feedback they gave me, and I feel that I learned so much. The best part of it was the fact that even though I really needed to work hard on my essay-writing, the process also felt like a lot of fun and I often found myself eagerly awaiting every new date on which my private tutorial was due!

I loved my private tuition so much that I enrolled for a course in Philosophy. This I too found extremely interesting and enriching. The course was based on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics and, as in the case of my CPE private tuition, it entailed essay and précis writing, which was later analysed in detail during our Skype sessions.

My English has improved tremendously, and I am already considering undertaking some new and interesting course in the near future.

Thank you very much!



April 2014

In February and March, I attended the Trinity TESOL teacher training course (at St. Giles Central London) and I earned the certificate for tuition English as a Second Language, which I am very happy about. I think that my brief voluntary service experience in Nepal last year inspired me to take this step, and I also think that my private tutorials with you really deepened my interest in the English language!

Although I'm qualified to teach in Slovakia, I wasn't really thinking about getting back to tuition, but now I feel excited about it again. I've started to look for some tuition posts, hoping to pick up some hours initially and later, perhaps, a full-contract; nevertheless, as a non-native speaker, I feel a little bit apprehensive about looking for an ESL tuition job in England. If it works out it might be the best thing, as it would help me to gain very good professional experience and allow me to better my English even more.

You were very kind before with your offer to provide a reference for me if I should need it, so if you don't mind, I will again give your email address if I'm asked for one. I wish you a lovely springtime, hopefully it will become warmer soon!

Thank you very much.


Spain | Carlota | Cambridge English B2 First Alumna

I found the course with my private tutor very useful because I improved a lot my writing and listening skills

He is an excellent teacher and we discussed different subjects like politics, philosophy, and economics, and I fixed my common mistakes

It was a pleasure to meet you and my course was amazing.

Best wishes,


Spain | Cristobal | Cambridge Legal-English Alumnus

I'm very happy I passed my Cambridge Legal-English exam!!

From the beginning, I found much more than expected from the course. The high level of the tutors allowed me to learn a lot; not only the content of the book.

I am very grateful to you for your support, care, patience, and for keeping me awake and aiming for success. It has been an excellent experience!

Now, I feel comfortable enough to talk with an English speaker about legal matters and even advise him on the best way to proceed. You are great!

Spain - Erika - Cambridge CPE

I want to thank you for all your help in my preparation for the exam, and I am very pleased to tell you that I have passed! :-) So far, I have really enjoyed the private tutorials; what I like the most about the course is that you provide challenging learning. It has given me confidence and motivation to keep practising my English and at the same time I have learnt about new topics I never thought about before.

Spain | Lamtarida | General-English and English with Philosophy alumnus | Plato | Aristotle

I just finished my sixteenth private tutorial. First of all, I want to thank you for the General & Literary-English course. I am delighted with improvement of my English. More importantly, I learned something about life; about the importance of critical thinking, and so on.

Surely, I want to go deeper, and improve my English skills and my critical thinking on a Philosophy with English course.

With respect to this, I have sent the course fee and I'm looking forward to the usual guidelines for each assignment. As I discovered during my last course, reading many styles of literature is a powerful method to improve my English. So, when it is possible, we could include the Philosophy of Literature in some of the private tutorials.

Thank you very much and best wishes,


Spain | Nuria | Medical-English

After looking for a long time for a private Online English Course that would fit into my busy life and my English level, I was lucky to find The English Language Centre Oxford.

It is based on private distance learning English courses where you combine online training at any time and guided-study assignments. You are provided with personalized and adapted English lessons depending on your needs and expectations. Not only that but it matches the teaching methodology at the University of Oxford.

I have really enjoyed my classes very much and I have found them really helpful. The most important thing is that they had the patience and capability to adapt to my unusual timetable.

I will definitively recommend it to all of my friends or people who are looking for a personalized and flexible English course. You will enjoy writing, reading, and speaking English with native teachers as frequently and intensively as you want.

I would like to thank them for their great job, and I would like to take the opportunity to encourage everyone who is looking for some kind of online English course to enrol for this interesting learning experience.

Switzerland - Petra - Cambridge CPE

I would just like to let you know that I have achieved a Grade A at my CPE exam in June this year. Thanks for your support! Best regards from the stunning Swiss Alps.

Switzerland - Pierre - Cambridge CAE

I can finally inform you I passed my CAE with the Grade C. I could probably have done better, but my challenge was only to be successful. I thank you sincerely for your help, especially when you corrected my poor essays.

Sudan - Kalifa - Cambridge FCE

Thanks a lot for providing so quickly this link, I'll read the document as soon as possible. I am also happy with your private tuition that beside improving my English skills, also contributes to increase my knowledge in so many subjects I would never explore alone. Thanks again, and talk to you very soon.

Taiwan - Sonia - Cambridge CPE

Many thanks for your great style of work and wonderful skill in private tuition, as well as your patience with my performance. I have the feeling that during this programme I have acquired more knowledge than from al previous courses. Many thanks indeed!

I got my CPE result! Apparently, I was judged excellent for Reading, very good for Writing and Listening, good for Use of English, and OK for Speaking. The overall result is a 'B'; I was quite surprised how few candidates received a Grade B!

Again, many thanks for your continuous academic support and guidance. I've learnt very much and hopefully taken this experience on board for my future tuition and learning.

U.K. | Silvia - TOLES Legal-English

I have just finished my first module and I am looking forward to the following ones. I enjoyed the preparation of the essays with the interesting and inspiring material supplied.

Tutorials are extremely useful and the personal approach delivered during the sessions, make them an efficient working tool. Time flies during tutorials, especially when you are wisely challenged and, for that reason, I would like to thank my private tutor for his suggestions, corrections, and patience; especially, when they are delivered with humour and irony.

Silvia Cabrera Rosendo

Private Online TOLES Legal-English Courses.

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