TOEFL Academic English online distance learning and education course with private one-to-one tuition

TOEFL Academic English online distance learning and education private course with guided home study and one to one teaching geared to passing the test with a high score.

Alumni agree that private one to one tuition is the most powerful feature of our courses because it motivates and promotes a proper understanding of how English is used.

Dual customised methodology ensures exam readiness together with acquisition of practical knowledge relevant to your professional and other interests, and a competitive edge.

When you apply for this course, you will be invited to complete a free online TOEFL placement test and talk to a tutor for feedback, grading, answers, and best advice.

Wherever you are, your private TOEFL course will be customised to your learning needs and this will save you attending a conventional one-class-suits-all language school.

Working at home, you will use Academic English to complete your guided study tasks and enjoy an exciting learning experience modelled on study at the University of Oxford.

Dual methodologies together with one to one tuition combine exam preparation with knowledge acquisition chosen to relate to your professional, academic, and social interests.

Your private tutor will customise your guided study assignments and show you how to gain a workplace advantage by refining your communication and networking skills.

The course conforms to the TOEFL syllabus and includes customised study with guidelines from your tutor, online reading, AV lectures, and TOEFL scored-tests.

Each guided study assignment will require critical reading and listening, written argument in essay form, and your participation in an interactive private online tutorial.

TOEFL certification is accepted by leading universities, professional institutions, throughout commerce and industry, and by many immigration services.

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