TOLES courses consist in private tuition, guided home study, and free reading and AV lectures, modelled on tuition at the University of Oxford.

Alumni regard private tuition as the most powerful element of our methodology as it motivates, inspires, and promotes understanding of how Legal English is used.

Elcox is a registered TOLES training centre and delivers private online distance learning courses and education courses guided home study and one to one tuition.

Dual methodologies and private tuition will equip you to pass your exam with a high grade and gain practical knowledge that relates to your professional activities.

When you apply, you will be invited to complete a TOLES placement test and talk to a tutor for feedback and best advice on studying for your Legal English exam.

Your TOLES course will be modular and customised to meet your home study needs and to show you how to gain a competitive advantage at work and elsewhere.

A TOLES course consists in four modules that deliver sixteen guided home study assignments and the same number of one to one online private tutorials.

Guided study assignments call for critical reading and listening, written argument in essay form, and presentation of this work during a one-hour online tutorial.

Elcox distance learning and education methodology addresses the vital need to understand how Legal English is used for clear and unequivocal communication.

TOLES courses fully support guided home study and save the time, cost, and nuisance of attending less effective conventional group Legal English classes.

Course syllabi for the Foundation, Higher, and Advanced exams afford guided home study to ensure both test readiness and acquisition of practical knowledge.

Employers who recognise TOLES certifications and have legal-career vacancies around the world include:

[1] Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Maintained by the Council of Europe, in partnership with the EU.

Private Online TOLES Legal English Courses.

Test of Legal English Skills

Dual Methodology, Private Tuition, and Guided Home Study, Modelled on Teaching at the University of Oxford