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I have always dreamed about finding a language course which would provide me not only with a high degree of professionalism and quality, but also flexibility. I enrolled and successfully completed the CPE course and I just LOVED every minute of it! Elcox have truly wonderful tutors who supported me all along the way. During our tutorials, I always felt that I was given 100% attention.

I am very grateful for all the comments, advice, and feedback they gave me, and I feel that I learned so much. The best part of it was the fact that even though I really needed to work hard on my essay-writing, the process also felt like a lot of fun and I often found myself eagerly awaiting every date on which a tutorial was due!

I loved my tuition so much that I enrolled for a course in Philosophy. I found this extremely interesting and enriching. It was based on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics and, as in the case of my CPE tuition, it entailed essay and précis writing, which was later analysed in detail during our Skype sessions.

My English has improved tremendously, and I am already considering undertaking some new and interesting course in the near future.

Thank you very much!



April 2014

In February and March, I attended the Trinity TESOL teacher training course (at St. Giles Central London) and I earned the certificate for tuition in English as a Second Language, which I am very happy about. I think that my brief voluntary service experience in Nepal last year inspired me to take this step, and I also think that my tutorials with you really deepened my interest in the English language!

Although I'm qualified to teach in Slovakia, I wasn't really thinking about getting back to tuition, but now I feel excited about it again. I've started to look for some tuition posts, hoping to pick up some hours initially and later, perhaps, a full-contract; nevertheless, as a non-native speaker, I feel a little bit apprehensive about looking for an ESL tuition job in England. If it works out it might be the best thing, as it would help me to gain very good professional experience and allow me to better my English even more.

You were very kind before with your offer to provide a reference for me if I should need it, so if you don't mind, I will again give your email address if I'm asked for one. I wish you a lovely springtime, hopefully it will become warmer soon!

Thank you very much.

With all my best wishes,


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