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Online Distance Learning English Courses with Private Tuition and Guided-study Assignments at Elcox Oxford

Whether you opt for an English course with private tuition for professionals or exam candidates, it will be customised to match your individual learning needs.

Our dual methodologies of online private tuition and customised study assignments deliver a learning experience similar to study at the University of Oxford.

We teach the practical use of English necessary to understanding the language when preparing for an exam or when seeking a competitive advantage at work.

Private tuition is a proven methodology used at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and we use it for identifying and addressing your study needs.

Alumni state that online private tuition is the most valuable and productive element of our courses, as it motivates, inspires, and leads to understanding English.

Guided-study assignments include online reading materials, video lectures, access to an interactive digital learning platform, and an hour of private online tuition.

During a private tutorial, your tutor assesses your work for content and use of English, teaches on grammar and style, and asks you to talk about the assignment.

Cambridge courses cover the CPE, CAE, FCE, PET, IELTS, and Business-English syllabi. Other preparatory courses address TOLES, PTE, and TOEFL.

English courses for Professionals include online private tuition to strengthen your language skills and help you to acquire new practical knowledge.

Professional courses cover English for Business, Engineering, Finance, HRM, Law, Marketing, Medicine, Philosophy, and the Energy Industries.

Other vocational and special purpose courses in the fields of Business, Law, Medicine, and Politics, are available on request.

Dual Methodologies and Online Private Tuition Adapted to Your Need for a Superior Learning Experience Similar to Study at the University of Oxford

Private Online TOLES Legal-English Courses.